Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Focus - EnviroClean Fruit and Vege Wash

We all know that eating fresh fruit and vegetables is good for us but what else are we eating?

The fruit that you are eating may also contain pesticides, herbicides, animal manure, wax to make the fruit/veg look better in the shop etc.

EnviroClean Fruit and Vege Wash removes wax, pesticides, gases, herbicides, chemicals, animal soiling and dirt from the surface of fruit and vegetables. Recommended for both organic and conventional fruit and vegetables. Also keeps fruit and vegetables in peak condition

Highly concentrated - only 2-3 drops needed to half a sink of water.

The very first product Dr. Ivy Bullen recommends to cancer patients (GP in Western Australia)

Available to buy here

Of course, buying organic fruit and vegetables is best, this is not always possible both from a point of view of availability in your area and cost factors. Some fruit and vegetables have been found to contain more residual of pesticides than others. If you can only afford to buy some organic produce, which are the best to buy organic and which are not so bad? A list of 49 fruits and vegetables from best to worst, can be found here. Keep in mind this is a US list so when they mention domestic and imported, they are referring to the US marketplace.

You can also download a shoppers guide to the 'Dirty Dozen' and 'Clean 15' here

Use EnviroClean Fruit and Vege Wash to reduce exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other nasties on the outside of your produce and prolong the life of your fruit and vegetables.

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