Saturday, August 22, 2009

Green Chickadee has just adopted Andy Pandy the Panda. Feel free to feed him as much bamboo as you like by clicking on the 'more' button. Just remember to leave some bamboo for me to use in my cloth pads :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Voting is now open for the Connect 2 Mums ausMumpreneur Awards.

Green Chickadee is nominated for the Eco Award, For Women Award and New Mumpreneur Award.

Vote and you could win a Sesame Street Pavement Cycle values at $49.99, plus they are giving away 5 Sesame Street Novelty Rompers valued at $24.95 each.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Chat

Please join me Thursday 20th August for live chat at Connect 2 Mums

*10am Qld time, Thursday
*prize giveaways drawn by ‘Rando’
*pre-register to win prizes
*20% discount for attendees - special code will be given out at the event
*insider secrets
*BYO coffee & choccy

Lucky numbers for prize giveaways.

1. Seanne
2. jo Debnam
3. Rebecca
4. Kym Teale
5. Jayne Day
6. Vicki Wallis
7. Rose Leah
8. Nicole Grant
9. Rebekah
10. Sandy
11. Samantha
12. Jodie Quinlan
13. Helen MacMillan
14. Kylie
15. Theresa Tan-Letts
16. Jodie Maher
17. Jaki

Aloe Vera gets thumbs up as natural oral care ingredient

US dental researchers say work they have been conducting into
aloe vera suggests that it is an excellent ingredient as a tooth and
gum cleaner.
The results found that the aloe vera gel invariably equaled the
performance of the commercial brands and in some instances
actually proved to be more effective at controlling cavity-causing
The research also highlights the fact that aloe vera tooth gel
tends to be less harsh on the teeth than commercial toothpaste
because it does not contain such abrasive elements found in
other compounds of the same nature.
Miessence® toothpastes have been formulated with organic
aloe vera for more than 10 years! Available from Green Chickadee
Read the full story: