Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friday Focus - Enviro Wash Ball

Saves money and energy

  • lasts for 1,000 washes or up to 3 years
  • only 5 cents per wash
  • no more need for expensive laundry soaps and fabric softeners
  • uses less water and electricity (no rinse cycle needed for regular loads)
  • less wear and tear on washing machine and pipes (no corrosion; reduces scale, rust and lime build up)
  • clothes last longer (no residue left on fabric; no fading; no breakdown
    of fabric)

Saves time

  • laundry finishes faster
  • no more measuring, pouring, cleaning messy spills
  • no more travel time to buy detergents and softeners

Other benefits

  • environmentally safe
  • does not pollute grey water (great for gardens in times of drought)
  • does not contaminate soil or our waterways
  • safe for sensitive skin and skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis (no residues like enzymes left on washing)
Until midnight 20/05/10 - purchase a wash ball and get a stainstick FREE!

Purchase at www.greenchickadee.com.au

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