Thursday, December 17, 2009

Re-using your Grey Water

Greywater is any water that has been used in the home apart from in toilets. It comprises of water used in the kitchen, laundry and bath/showers.

Reusing your grey water is a great way to save water usage which is vitally important during the times of drought we are experiencing.

Greywater can be used for watering your garden, washing cars, flushing toilets and much more.

To maximise the benefits of your greywater, it is best to use cleaning products that do not contain phosphates, petrochemicals or non-biodegradable materials.

Green Chickadee stocks cleaning and personal care products that are safe for greywater use including soap nuts, and mienviron, envirocare, enviroclean and enviropet ranges of products.

There are a lot of systems available for reusing your greywater, ranging from the simple to more complex such as installing envirocycle/biocycle septic systems or having your plumbing diverted.

One simple way of reusing your greywater is to have your washing machine hose emptying out into a large bin which depending on your home, can either be inside your laundry or outside the window.

I recently come across a great Australian invention called a Hughie. One of those simple - why didn't I think of that types of things! It is basically a shaped bucket that fits inside your kitchen or laundry sink and catches the water from washing your hands. rinsing vegetables, dishes' laundry etc. You can also put it in the bottom of your shower to catch the cold water before the water heats up. It has a plug in the bottom which makes it eaiser to use for watering your plants.
They sell for $25 plus postage of $5. The website is I've ordered one for myself for Christmas!

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  1. We are naughty and use the grey water from our envirocycle to hose the vege gardens. They grow sooooo well