Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The truth about SLS

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), it is a foaming agent used in cleaning products, shampoos, cleansers and even toothpaste. Manufacturers use it because it is cheap but suds well making you think you are getting a better product.

It is also used as an engine degreaser. Imagine what it does to the natural oils in your skin and hair!

It causes skin and eye irritation and can lead to eczema and acne.

It accumulates in the body's organs such as liver, heart and brain.

It can lead to cateracts in the eyes and poor eye development in babies and children.

Because it does microscopic damage to the lining of your mouth when used in toothpastes, it allows bacteria in leading to mouth ulcers. A study of toothpastes made without SLS lead to a 60% reduction in mouth ulcers.

Long term exposure to SLS in shampoos caused damage to the hair follices leading to hair loss. It also causes dandruff, which often leads to more frequent shampooing, increasing the problem.

On a scale of 0-8 of surfactants with 8 being the highest, SLS rates 5.2 - extremely irritating.

The Manufacturers Material Data Safety Sheet on SLS is horrific.

Often SLS is altered to make it less abrasive and foam more creating Sodium Laureth Sulfate SLES. 1,4-dioxane may be created during this process, contaminating the product. 1,4-dioxane was one of the principal components of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.

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