Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Book Review - Women of the Outback by Sue Williams

This book has impressed me so much that I've been telling everyone I know about it so I thought I'd share it with everyone else too!
Women of the Outback tells the stories of 14 women who live or were born in outback Australia.
These women are all an inspiration to me. The hardships that they have gone through and still come out on top and smiling is amazing. Death of husbands and children, loss of fingers and even limbs! That on top of living in one of the harshest climates on earth.
My personal favorite is Sharon Oldfield. She was raised in the suburbs of Sydney having been born in Scotland and migrated out to Australia with her parents as a child. Sharon met a farmer from the Birdsville area and went to live there after they were married.
She was left with 3 young children to bring up when her husband was killed in a light plane crash. Instead of packing it all in and moving back to suburbia, Sharon decided to manage the property herself despite knowing very little about farming. She was very successful in her venture and went on to be a leading force in setting up OBE, the organic beef company that is a colaberation between many farmers and now exports their products.
If you are interested, their meat is sold in Australia under the name Cleavers Meats in Woolworths and Coles and some IGA and Franklins stores.
Not to take anything away from the other 13 w0men, all of whom have become my personal heroines.
I recommend this book to everyone.

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